100+ HR Technologies and Recruiting Tools Worth Watching in Q1 2017

luty 25, 2017

Life is so unpredictable. 

Two days ago I was spending a beautiful winter evening working on my Mac. You know, normal stuff, finishing things I haven’t done earlier. I was also planning new articles we would like to publish on our blog. TV was turned on, but with no voice, not beacause I love silence, but cause I like to turn on good jazz music for better work climate. I also like chaos arround me, that’s why the TV was on. But let’s get to the heart of this short and exciting story. While working I received a message from Twitter, what was realy strange, because our Fitqbe profile is not super active. The message was from William Tincup, RecruitingDaily.com President.

That was so exciting, that I started to call to my #teamfitqbe to share the good news. We are very happy and proud because of that nomination. It’s so good to know, that the #1 online media resource for today’s recruiting world, who is so far aways from Poland see  and appreciates our hard work.

Below you will see the article about „100+ HR Technologies and Recruiting Tools Worth Watching in Q1 2017.”

„There’s never been a more exciting time for HR Tech, with approximately $3 billion in VC investments pouring into the sector over the past year alone. This has led to a staggering number of new startups, upstart HR Technologies and emerging point solutions proliferating in what’s already an extremely crowded, extremely competitive and extremely lucrative market worth an estimated $14 billion in annual spend.
Given the seismic and sweeping changes impacting the industry, it’s no wonder that HR and recruiting leaders often have a hard time keeping track of what’s new and what’s next, and, more importantly, which solutions out there are capable of actually solving their existing talent challenges and business needs.

Figuring all of this out can often be confusing, if not downright daunting, to employers and end users alike. Which is why I’m so excited to share my new “HR Technologies to Watch” list with the RecruitingDaily audience. This list represents the 4th installment in this recurring series.

In case you’re curious (or just bored), you can check out the full version of our previous lists covering Q2, Q3, Q4 2016, respectively. The goal of this list is to give HR and recruiting practitioners a comprehensive list of the most interesting technologies and tools I’m tracking in Q1 of 2017.

This list is intended to give employers and end users somewhere to start when investigating what’s new and what’s next in HR Technology, and is meant to reflect only the companies I’m tracking this quarter.

It is by no means intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive (lists are inherently exclusionary, after all). This is not a popularity contest, nor is this post in any way intended for vendors, investors and/or consultants.  Nope.”


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